Stil Mir Moda is a textile supply company that manufactures all clothing products demanded by brands and conducts sales and marketing of these products.

In our company, we carefully manufacture t-shirt, shirt, polo shirt, dress, pants, knitwear, underwear, undergarments, denim, socks, outerwear products as well as accessories such as belt, shawl and scarf. Finding the right resources for each item (needle, thread, button, zipper etc.) in the manufacturing stage is among the services offered by Stil Mir Moda.

With Stil Mir Moda, you can create design and collections for your brand and get consultancy from our team to learn how to take your products and brand to a better level.

Offering a unique service rather than an iterative service to match the changing fashion trends and keeping the top level in our services are only some of the details that consolidate Stil Mir Moda’s position in the sector.

We are one of the fashion retailers that offer highly reputable brands not just in Turkey but in various countries. Zara, Bershka, More&More, Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, Noise is some of the giant brands we work with.

If you want your brand to be among these brands, you can contact our team and join the Stil Mir Moda family.